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Update: April 2017

Welcome! You’ve landed on the Spatial Foundation website.

Music: Spatial Foundation (2011- ), Hidden Records (2004-2010), I.S.I.S. (1998-2004),  stuff on other labels or previously unreleased (1990- ).

Favorite Books, Movies.

COMING SOON:  new Kosmob0t, INKlings

OUT NOW: INKlings – Beyond the Dunes

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Kosmob0t – Staring in the Face of Extinction

Beats, dubs, etc.

kosmob0t staring hoes


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The Bend of the World (2014)

Pittsburgh slacker encounters UFO.

bend of the world

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INKlings – Beyond The Dunes

It took some time.




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Redloz – Fairuz Revisited

Kosmob0t visitation of Fairuz as revisited by Redloz.

redloz fairuz


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Point Blank (1967)

Hits the spot in every way.

point blank

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The Book Of Lies (1918)

The truth is a lie.


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Slap Shot (1977)

Hanson Brothers!

slap shot

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