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Update: June 2018

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Music: Spatial Foundation (2011- ), Hidden Records (2004-2010), I.S.I.S. (1998-2004),  stuff on other labels or previously unreleased (1990- ).

Favorite Books, Movies.

COMING SOON:  new Alkaloid Desperado, INKlings

OUT NOW: Not Of This Earth – Infinite Space

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Dogon Vs. being (1995)

Sounds from another time and space

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Kosmob0t – Im Mörtel

Cosmic Beats, Dubs and Soundscapes




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Miller’s Crossing (1990)

Peak Coen Brothers.

millers crossing


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Not Of This Earth – Infinite Space

Debutalbum from this new act on SF. Enjoy!

hoes note


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Suburbicon (2017)

Fun movie, weirdly underrated.

suburbicon screenshot3


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Kosmob0t – Music For Living Intelligence Systems

….Vast, Active or Otherwise


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Ulzana’s Raid (1972)

Nobody wins.

Ulzana's Raid2

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