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Update: Januar 2017

Welcome! You’ve landed on the Spatial Foundation website.

This site hasn’t been updated in a while but there’s some new stuff coming along soon. While waiting for new albums from Kosmob0t, INKlings and Alkaloid Desperado to be finished, video’s are being added to the mix.

All videos can be found on the Spatial Foundation YouTube channel. Posts on this site have been updated with embedded video as far as these exist yet. More videos will be added when available.

Music: Spatial Foundation (2011- ), Hidden Records (2004-2010), I.S.I.S. (1998-2004),  stuff on other labels or previously unreleased (1990- ).

Favorite Books, Movies.

COMING SOON:  new Kosmob0t, INKlings

OUT NOW: Dublivion – Return To Dublivion

~ the pics in the posts are links ~

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INKlings – Beyond The Dunes

It took some time




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Redloz – Fairuz Revisited

Kosmob0t visitation of Fairuz as revisited by Redloz.

redloz fairuz


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Point Blank (1967)

Hits the spot in every way.

point blank

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The Book Of Lies (1918)

The truth is a lie.


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Slap Shot (1977)

Hanson Brothers!

slap shot

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Dublivion – Return To Dublivion

Another quirky episode in the ongoing Dublivion saga.



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Eraserhead (1977)

More than weird.


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