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ISIS Sampler 1

Prequel of (and preferable over) Constellation Report. (1999) promo

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Dogon Vs. the wee djs – Return Of The Space Echo

Elektro-dub collaboration in 2 parts. Fond memories. (2002) ISIS002MS ISIS003MS

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Constellation Report

ISIS compilation. (2001) ISIS001CD

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Never Mind the Matter

Some gems hidden in this mixed bag. (ISIS/Hidden promo 2003) promo 

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Cosmic Connection – Roby

This is the Synetic “single”. Featuring a sample of one of our housecats, Obie. ISIS001MS

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Cosmic Connection – Synetic

Should have been the CC breakthrough album. Sold 20 copies, still like it though. ISIS002CD

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Disciples Ov Gaia – Truth

Sounds very much like Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia live. No wonder as it’s a PWOG track, remixed by the guy in control of live sequencing + both FOH-engineers.¬† ISIS 004MS

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ISIS presents: Favor Curry with Flatter, the Spambient Collection

Ambient compilation released by U-Cover (2004) Being Vs. INKlings – Sphere Flinty Gaston UCDR006

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