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Kosmob0t versus Eurorack

Eurorack wins.   Advertisements

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Alkaloid Desperado – Shadow Or Alien

Dark and brooding soundscapes. Just like the doctor ordered. SF05

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Corrosive Mixtures (A Hidden Ambient Selection)

First and only Hidden compilation (2006) INKlings – The Moon (Light Side)  h013 

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NO – Can’t Think 2

Experimental electronica. Wildly innovative, seldom bettered. (Hidden 2006) Can’t Think part 12  h008 

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Disciples Ov Gaia – Truth

Sounds very much like Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia live. No wonder as it’s a PWOG track, remixed by the guy in control of live sequencing + both FOH-engineers.   Truth (Whipped) ISIS 004MS

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Alkaloid Desperado – Industrial Ambient Sessions Volume 2

Title says all. (Hidden, 2005) h007

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NO – Can’t Think

First of two blistering experimental albums by NO (2005) Can’t Think 5  h005

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