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Ulzana’s Raid (1972)

Nobody wins.

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Kosmische Golflengte

I’ve started doing a radioshow for and just found out about Mixcloud. In the future there’ll be a monthly show for grabs. For now here’s a couple I prepared earlier:  

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Poor Man’s Fight (2013)

Delightfully pulp Sci-Fi.

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Alkaloid Desperado – Acid Screamer Vol 1

Blistering Acid SF16

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Dean Spanley (2008)

Crack for anglophiles.

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Glow (2014)

Ticks all the right nerd-boxes.

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Kosmob0t versus Eurorack

Eurorack wins.  

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Kosmob0t – Achillespace

Modular noodles. SF15

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Millennium Actress (2001)

Fabulous storytelling.

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Kosmob0t – Staring in the Face of Extinction

Beats, dubs, etc. SF14

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